Beta Alpha Probationary Membership Classes

This is a list of brothers initiated by the Beta Alpha Chapter.
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Name Initiation
Big Brother Mailing
Last Known
Andy Frank Bowen 5/1/1969 Maryville Removed N/A N/A
James Alfred Boyle 5/1/1969 Maryville Questionable Tampa FL
Roy Cecil Delay Jr. 5/1/1969 Maryville Mailable Ringgold GA
Roy Neil Fox 5/3/1969 Maryville Unmailable N/A N/A
Reginald Lee Garmeson 5/1/1969 Maryville Mailable Alcoa TN
Ronald Stephen Hawes 5/3/1969 Maryville Mailable Hixson TN
William Douglas Henry 5/1/1969 Maryville Mailable Mint Hill NC
Earl Bowman Miller 5/1/1969 Maryville Removed N/A N/A
Ralph Irwin Miller II 5/3/1969 Maryville Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jon Felton Mills 5/1/1969 Maryville Questionable Chattanooga TN
Henry John Okstel 5/3/1969 Maryville Mailable Dallas TX
Arthur Michael Rivituso 5/1/1969 Maryville Removed N/A N/A
Randall Winton Smith 5/1/1969 Maryville Mailable Chattanooga TN
David Roberts Wood 5/3/1969 Maryville Mailable Chattanooga TN
Lawrence Carlyle Hartley 5/3/1969 Maryville Unmailable N/A N/A
Richard Hugh Adams 2/4/1970 Mailable Lafayette CO
William Morris Bales 2/1/1970 Removed N/A N/A
Adrian Victor Boyer, Jr. 2/1/1970 Mailable Collegedale TN
John Bryant Erwin III 2/1/1970 Mailable Hixson TN
William Samuel Havron, Jr. 2/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
William Barry Jones 2/1/1970 Removed N/A N/A
David Lewis Pennebaker 2/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Eugene Dale Roberts, Jr. 2/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jerry Wayne Wallace 2/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
James Clyde Chase 11/1/1970 Mailable Tucker GA
Steven Dale Gazaway 11/1/1970 Mailable Knoxville TN
Leslie Harold Heard 11/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ralph Michael Lees 11/1/1970 Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Conroy Judson Ryan, Jr. 11/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Stanley Eugene Snyder 11/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
R. Wallace Stern, Jr. 11/1/1970 Mailable McMinnville TN
Daniel H. Taylor, Jr. 11/1/1970 Unmailable Atlanta GA
Douglas Lake Womack 11/1/1970 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Clarence Daniel Sisk 5/1/1971 Mailable Chattanooga TN
John Charles Adams 3/1/1972 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Glenn Wright Draper 3/1/1972 Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Roger Lee Drinkall 3/1/1972 Removed N/A N/A
Calvin L. Florence 3/20/1972 Unmailable N/A N/A
Dr. Peter E. Gerschefski 2/1/1972 FACULTY Mailable Chattanooga TN
Mark Andrew Hooker 3/22/1972 Removed N/A N/A
Robert S. Markum 3/1/1972 Mailable Hixson TN
Charles Givan Ruffner 3/1/1972 Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Clyde Vernon Bostick 3/20/1972 Removed N/A N/A
Michael Ray Curtis 3/20/1972 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Steven A. Caronna 11/17/1972 Unmailable N/A N/A
Steven L. Leamon 11/17/1972 Questionable Ooltewah TN
Darrell P. McCauley 11/17/1972 Mailable Augusta GA
Richard D. McCollum 11/17/1972 Questionable Madison AL
Stephen R. Riddle 11/17/1972 Mailable Sweetwater TN
Donald L. Smith 11/17/1972 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Stephen R. Smith 11/17/1972 Mailable Hixson TN
Lewis P. Austin 2/26/1973 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Glenn M. Fletcher 2/26/1973 Mailable Six Mile SC
Christopher Leon Haley 2/26/1973 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Timothy G. Hayes 3/18/1973 Unmailable Peoria AZ
Joel F. Howard 2/26/1973 Unmailable Los Angeles CA
Greg W. Hunt 2/26/1973 Unmailable Maryville TN
Stanley G. Koby 2/26/1973 Mailable Hixson TN
Walter Everette McBurnett 2/26/1973 Unmailable N/A N/A
James K. McClure 2/26/1973 Mailable Ringgold GA
Garry D. Newton 2/26/1973 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Terry R. Pope 2/26/1973 Mailable Chattanooga TN
James Ernest Reno 2/26/1973 Unmailable Maryville TN
Derrick G. Rushworth 2/26/1973 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Carl A. Shugart 2/26/1973 Stanley Snyder Mailable Hartford CT
Franklin Delano Tollett II 2/26/1973 Mailable Whiteside TN
David M. Willerson 2/26/1973 Mailable Chickamauga GA
James Lawrence Adams 3/23/1974 Mailable Thompson City TN
Daniel K. Barham 3/23/1974 Unmailable Ripon WI
James T. Clark, Jr. 3/23/1974 Mailable Woodstock GA
Gary D. Clayborn 3/23/1974 Unmailable Fort Oglethorpe GA
Gregory T. Davis 3/23/1974 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Donald Albert Grant 3/23/1974 Mailable Hixson TN
Jack Thomas Kinser, Jr. 3/23/1974 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Roddy B. Noll 3/23/1974 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Paul Thomas Roberts 3/23/1974 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Philip Edward Min 3/25/1974 Mailable Mississippi State MS
Randall Lynn Brooks 1/18/1975 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Terrence Maxwell Major 1/18/1975 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Joseph Edmond Marshall 1/18/1975 Mailable Princeton NJ
Ellwood Derrick Rushworth 1/18/1975 Removed N/A N/A
Van Allan Smith 1/18/1975 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Preston Alan Vandergriff 1/18/1975 Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Keith Carl Weller 1/18/1975 Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Mark Allen Womack 1/18/1975 Questionable Ooltewah TN
Jeffery Dudley Caldwell 3/29/1975 Unmailable N/A N/A
Antoney Steven Cunningham 3/29/1975 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Brent Lee King 3/29/1975 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Randall Lynn Murray 3/29/1975 Questionable Soddy Daisy TN
Robert Gillis Patton 3/29/1975 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Paul Warren Pilgrim 3/29/1975 Mailable Jacksonville FL
Vincent Charles Selvidge 3/29/1975 Unmailable N/A N/A
Donald T. Worthington, Jr. 3/29/1975 Mailable Springfield VA
Joseph Craig Anderson 12/7/1975 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Michael Robert Bauer 12/7/1975 Donald Grant Mailable Chattanooga TN
Robert Earl Crabtree 12/7/1975 Questionable Cleveland TN
John Lee Nabors 12/7/1975 Unmailable N/A N/A
Jerry Carlee Rains 12/7/1975 Mailable Booneville MS
Steven Earl Jordan 2/7/1976 Mailable Rossville GA
Fredrick Donald Lemmons 2/7/1976 Mailable Alexandria VA
Jeffrey Dean McIntosh 2/7/1976 Mailable Signal Mountain TN
James Sanders Turner 2/7/1976 Questionable Flintstone GA
Leonard Allison White 2/7/1976 Unmailable Rossville GA
Darrell Wilkins Duncan 2/19/1977 Unmailable N/A N/A
Sanford Alan Hall 2/19/1977 Unmailable N/A N/A
Phillip White Harris 2/19/1977 Mailable Ooltewah TN
Lawrence H. Hendrixson 2/19/1977 Mailable Orlando FL
David L. Houser 2/19/1977 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ronnie Donnell Logan 2/19/1977 Mailable Lynchburg VA
Dennis Raymond Merritt 2/19/1977 Mailable Rossville GA
Keith Arnold Minter 2/19/1977 Mailable Cleveland TN
Bruce Clifford Patti 2/19/1977 Mailable Dallas TX
Levi Rowan Patton II 2/19/1977 Unmailable N/A N/A
Kyle William Weller 2/19/1977 Mailable Chattanooga TN
William Michael Womac 2/19/1977 Questionable Soddy Daisy TN
James Dudley Cortner 1/21/1978 Mailable Manchester TN
Melvin Kirk Gotchal 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Thomas Edward Griffis, Jr. 1/21/1978 Questionable Baton Rouge LA
Gilbert Mark Highlander 1/21/1978 Mailable Hixson TN
William Leonard Holt III 1/21/1978 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Arthur Calvin Jennings 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Christopher Keith Lacey 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Gordon Michael Raper 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Jerry Wayne Reece 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Dewayne Nelson Roberson 1/21/1978 Mailable Trenton GA
Howard Daniel White 1/21/1978 Questionable Cleveland TN
Ralph Wayne Wilder 1/21/1978 Unmailable N/A N/A
Gordon Nelson Cagle 2/3/1979 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Russell William McNeese 2/3/1979 Unmailable N/A N/A
Michael Paul O'Neill 2/3/1979 Unmailable Dalton GA
Thomas William Taylor, Jr. 2/3/1979 Unmailable Dalton GA
Michael Jay Vanwassenhove 2/3/1979 Mailable Beaver PA
Timothy Mitchell Walker 2/3/1979 Mailable Chattanooga TN
James Richard Wiggins 2/3/1979 Unmailable N/A N/A
James Albert Brent III 5/3/1980 Mailable Verona VA
Steven Russell Carmichael 5/3/1980 Unmailable Cleveland TN
William Whitley Cooze 5/3/1980 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Martin Ward Hamby, Jr. 5/3/1980 Mailable Jacksonville FL
Terrance Shawn Horton 5/3/1980 Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Michael Tonnis Jeffery 5/3/1980 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Bradley Curtis Kingsley 5/3/1980 Unmailable Rock Springs GA
Steven Ray Knowis 5/3/1980 Unmailable N/A N/A
Paul Lee Strickland 5/3/1980 Unmailable N/A N/A
Joseph Willis Swinford 5/3/1980 Questionable Rossville GA
Thomas Raymond Tohill 5/3/1980 Unmailable N/A N/A
Douglas Lynton Ward 5/3/1980 Questionable Ringgold GA
Diarry Brandal Howell 11/1/1980 Unmailable N/A N/A
Jeffrey Lee Brown 4/5/1981 Mailable Jasper TN
Monte Cristo Coulter 4/5/1981 Gordon Cagle Mailable Harrison TN
David Nelson Davenport 4/5/1981 Mailable Nashville TN
Raymond Ernest Hartman 4/5/1981 Questionable Bremerton WA
Arthur Newton Suits 4/5/1981 Mailable Chickamauga GA
Richard Glenn Walden 4/5/1981 Unmailable N/A N/A
Alexander Coniers Carter IV 2/4/1982 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Lloyd Lydell Whitty 2/4/1982 Questionable Memphis TN
John David Alford 2/2/1983 Unmailable Ringgold GA
Gary Dewayne George 2/2/1983 Questionable Rossville GA
Timothy Winfred Hooker 2/2/1983 Mailable Cleveland TN
Raymond Clyde Stephens 2/2/1983 Mailable Jasper TN
Bobby Joel Brimm II 3/2/1983 Mailable Chickamauga GA
Kenneth Samuel Cowan 3/2/1983 Unmailable Flintstone GA
Thomas Benjamin Griffin 3/2/1983 Mailable Hixson TN
Anthony Allen Leonard 3/2/1983 Questionable Soddy Daisy TN
Edward Russell Lovelace 3/2/1983 Mailable Humboldt TN
Samuel Scott Martin 3/2/1983 Mailable Hixson TN
William Allan McGriff 3/2/1983 Mailable Hixson TN
Johnathan Montgomery Puckett 3/2/1983 Mailable Bristol VA
George Eugene Quann, Jr. 3/2/1983 Questionable Hixson TN
Gordon Lee Stanfield 3/2/1983 Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Alexandro Vazquez 3/2/1983 Mailable Hixson TN
Robert Monroe Chandler 1/15/1984 Mailable Hixson TN
Edward Gerald Davis 1/15/1984 Mailable Dalton GA
Jeff Thomas Frye 1/15/1984 Questionable Phoenix AZ
Preston Timothy Gonter 1/15/1984 Mailable Hixson TN
Kent Randall Moore 1/15/1984 Unmailable Temple TX
Thomas Julian Waters, Jr. 1/15/1984 Questionable Tampa FL
Samuel Thomas Benefield 4/13/1985 Mailable Hixson TN
Kevin Lee Featherston 4/13/1985 Mailable Jasper TN
Wayne Everett Goines 4/13/1985 Mailable Chicago IL
Timothy Jason Millirons 4/13/1985 Mailable Chattanooga TN
David Ryan Pedigo 4/13/1985 Mailable Chattanooga TN
James Franklin Trimble 4/13/1985 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Daniel Edward Card, Jr. 5/3/1985 Mailable Ooltewah TN
Richard Todd Burks 12/18/1985 Questionable Chattanooga TN
David Allen Ensley 12/18/1985 Questionable Knoxville TN
Scott Leroy Fanning 12/18/1985 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Joseph Kevin Ford 12/18/1985 Mailable Signal Mountain TN
C. Richard Hawkins 12/18/1985 Unmailable Lake City TN
Charles Christian Leonard 12/18/1985 Questionable Auburn AL
Brian Paul Smith 12/18/1985 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Wiley Joe Spangler 12/18/1985 Questionable Jasper TN
Todd Phillip Zinkann 12/18/1985 Tommy Waters Mailable Hixson TN
James Lowell Acuff 4/27/1986 Mailable Richmond VA
Michael Glenn Carver 4/27/1986 Mailable Plainville GA
Mark Douglas Neighbors 4/27/1986 Questionable Chattanooga TN
James Edward Violet 4/27/1986 Questionable Lake City TN
Michael Dennis Hagan 11/9/1986 Questionable Hixson TN
Edward Phillip Hardy 11/9/1986 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Bradley Dean McGhee 11/9/1986 Questionable Chattanooga TN
James Kenneth Pickett 11/9/1986 Removed N/A N/A
Hans Eric Rose 11/9/1986 Questionable Chattanooga TN
William Paul Delbrugge 11/21/1987 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ronald Keith Dilbeck 11/21/1987 Questionable Ducktown TN
Jonathan David Grisham 11/21/1987 Questionable Athens TN
Christopher Benar Hollar 11/21/1987 Mailable Knoxville TN
Darrin James Hughes 11/21/1987 Questionable Ducktown TN
Richard Russell Miller 11/21/1987 Unmailable Virginia Beach VA
Charles William Rogers 11/21/1987 Mailable Chattanooga TN
William Edward Bartlett 4/18/1988 Mailable Ooltewah TN
Vinson Carnel Swafford 4/18/1988 Questionable Jasper TN
Jon Whitlock 4/18/1988 Unmailable Knoxville TN
Bradley Grafton Dodd 11/6/1988 Questionable Parsons TN
Michael Jerome Evans 11/6/1988 Questionable Coppras Cove TN(TX?)
Timothy Michael Lake 11/6/1988 Mailable Murfreesboro TN
Nelson Ellis Leiser 11/6/1988 Mailable Seymour TN
Ross Alan Moore 11/6/1988 Questionable Hixson TN
Forrest Alan Robinson 11/6/1988 Questionable Memphis TN
James Vernon Ware, Jr. 11/6/1988 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Patrick L. Williams 11/6/1988 Mailable Athens TN
Clifford Lee McPeek 12/2/1988 Questionable Birmingham AL
Joel Cortes 5/11/1989 Questionable Cleveland TN
Dennis Vincent Maddox 5/11/1989 Mailable Tullahoma TN
James Michael Porterfield 5/11/1989 Mailable Hixson TN
Scott Arthur Rich 5/11/1989 Mike Stamper Mailable Covington GA
Gregory Dewayne Bagby 11/20/1989 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Kenneth Alexander Belt 11/20/1989 Mailable Hixson TN
James Randall Clay 11/20/1989 Questionable Nashville TN
Lee Willis Diggs 11/20/1989 Questionable Johnson City TN
Aaron Raymond Finch 11/20/1989 Questionable Bonifay FL
Nathaniel Albert Garth 11/20/1989 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jeffrey Scott Grant 11/20/1989 Questionable Denver CO
Curtis Lamar Haman 11/20/1989 Questionable Chattanooga TN
Craig Salyer Hamilton 11/20/1989 Questionable Cleveland TN
Emile Victor Hamm III 11/20/1989 Tim Hooker Mailable Jasper TN
Christopher Scott Hibberts 11/20/1989 Questionable Hixson TN
Richard Earl Howard 11/20/1989 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jeremy Scott Kimball 11/20/1989 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Collin Thomas Lord 11/20/1989 Brad Kingsley Mailable Hixson TN
Scott Eugene Rogers 11/20/1989 Mailable Rocky Face GA
Robert Gale Wagner 11/20/1989 Mailable Nashville TN
Roger Graham White 11/20/1989 Mailable Franklin TN
Roy Eugene Walsh, Jr. 4/21/1990 Cliff McPeek Mailable South Pittsburg TN
Shawn Shibley Ray 4/21/1990 Unmailable Memphis TN
William Martin Benno 11/27/1990 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Christopher Byron Boyd 11/27/1990 Scott Rogers Mailable Ringgold GA
Christopher Alan Cliburn 11/27/1990 Mailable Winston- Salem NC
Joel Stephens Gates 11/27/1990 Unmailable Hixson TN
Anthony Brooks Henderson 11/27/1990 Roger White Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Scott Grant Leamon 11/27/1990 Mailable Dallas GA
Christopher Carlo Leonard 11/27/1990 Nathaniel Garth Mailable Austin TX
Tommy Ray Ogle 11/27/1990 Joel Cortes Mailable Chattanooga TN
Michael Scott Turnbow 11/27/1990 Mailable Hixson TN
Ryan Christopher Beavers 4/13/1991 Gale Wagner Unmailable Hixson TN
Wesley Catron Hall II 4/13/1991 Unmailable Kingsport TN
Randall Jay Burt 12/4/1991 Mailable Newport News VA
Chad Edison Clayton 12/4/1991 Unmailable Springfield TN
Bo Ding 12/4/1991 Unmailable Chattanooga TN
Jason McKenzie Harvey 12/4/1991 Anthony Henderson Mailable Chattanooga TN
Scotty Edward Swafford 12/4/1991 Unmailable Jasper TN
Kevin Trevor Welch 12/4/1991 Bill Benno Questionable Chattanooga TN
David Berit Wilson 12/4/1991 Doug Grammer Mailable Hixson TN
Victor Earl Brown 4/12/1992 Mailable Louisville TN
Jeffrey Alan Miller 4/12/1992 Tommy Ogle Questionable Hixson TN
Daniel Brian Porterfield 4/12/1992 Chris Cliburn Mailable Chattanooga TN
John Wallace Burroughs 12/4/1992 David Wilson Unmailable N/A N/A
Jonathan Mell Davis 12/4/1992 Questionable Whitwell TN
Michael Preston Dennard 12/4/1992 Scott Hibberts Mailable Dalton GA
Robert Lewis Fossett 12/4/1992 Jason Harvey Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Oliver Daniel Justice, Jr. 12/4/1992 Gene Walsh Questionable Oliver Springs TN
Eric Christopher King 12/4/1992 Dan Porterfield Mailable Chattanooga TN
Kevin David Love 12/4/1992 Jeff Miller Questionable Chattanooga TN
William Christian Mathis 12/4/1992 Bill Benno Removed N/A N/A
Derek Lance Newman 12/4/1992 Doug Grammer Mailable Chattanooga TN
Luke Allen Warren 12/4/1992 Chris Cliburn Mailable Atlanta GA
Robert Herbert Brakebill 4/17/1993 Mailable Chattanooga TN
Aaron Demetrius Solomon 4/17/1993 Kevin Love Questionable Jacksonville FL
Bruce Donald Voiles 4/17/1993 Chris Boyd Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ryan Lee Adams 1/9/1994 Rob Fossett Mailable Los Angeles CA
Benjamin Lee Cavazos 1/9/1994 Bruce Voiles Questionable Clarksville TN
Dean Joseph D'Andrea 1/9/1994 Kevin Love Questionable Chattanooga TN
Naoki Ishikawa 1/9/1994 Anthony Henderson Removed N/A N/A
Kenneth Eugene Kile, Jr. 1/9/1994 FACULTY Unmailable N/A N/A
Michael Allan Hampton 1/9/1994 Jeff Miller Questionable South Pittsburg TN
Timothy Brian Langford 1/9/1994 Emile Hamm Mailable Chattanooga TN
Stephen Paul Leather 1/9/1994 Danny Justice Questionable Chattanooga TN
Eliot Louis McDowell 1/9/1994 David Wilson Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jordan Ragland Slay, Jr. 1/9/1994 Chris Leonard Mailable Chattanooga TN
Paul Joseph Spilko 1/9/1994 Derek Newman Mailable Chattanooga TN
Michael R. Tipton 1/9/1994 Chris Mathis Unmailable N/A N/A
Carson Daniel Voiles 1/9/1994 John Burroughs Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
James Michael Ake 1/8/1995 Emile Hamm Mailable Wildwood GA
Mark Alexander Chandler 1/8/1995 Ryan Adams Mailable Hixson TN
Douglas Charlton Cowden 1/8/1995 Aaron Solomon Mailable Powder Springs GA
Patrick Lewis Henke 1/8/1995 Mike Tipton Unmailable N/A N/A
Robbie Arthur Lambert 1/8/1995 Kevin Love Mailable Slingerlands NY
Phillip Daniel Lawson 1/8/1995 Paul Spilko Mailable Flintstone GA
Stephen Michael Norwood 1/8/1995 Rob Fossett Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jeremiah Richard Williams 1/8/1995 Jason Harvey Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Matthew Lewis Hickman 5/1/1995 Ryan Adams Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Joseph Jeremiah Coffman 5/1/1995 Mailable Hixson TN
Robert John Allison Waller 1/21/1996 Doug Cowden Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Benton Lloyd Burroughs 1/21/1996 Jason Harvey Mailable Riceville TN
Robert Wayne Groves 1/21/1996 Eliot McDowell Questionable Soddy Daisy TN
Fredrick Malone Hall II 1/21/1996 Robbie Lambert Mailable Ringgold GA
Benjamin Lee Smith 1/21/1996 Questionable Paris TX
Fredrick Herald Gault III 2/12/1996 Phillip Lawson Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jeremy Richard Chambers 4/29/1996 Eliot McDowell Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Edward Michael Gallucci 4/29/1996 Dan Porterfield Mailable Palm Harbor FL
Brent Marcum Alverson 4/29/1996 Mike Ake Mailable Chattanooga TN
Adam Jason Miller 4/29/1996 Jason Harvey Mailable Chattanooga TN
Christopher Frank Silver 4/29/1996 Tim Langford Mailable Cambridge Ontario
Michael Shane Miller 12/13/1996 Phillip Lawson Unmailable N/A N/A
Daniel Bryan Bee 12/13/1996 Jeremy Chambers Mailable Hixson TN
Gary Russell Eslinger 12/13/1996 Eliot McDowell Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ian Lawrence Kirk 12/13/1996 Luke Warren Mailable Chattanooga TN
March del Kono Solomon 12/13/1996 Mike Norwood Mailable Rocky Face GA
Brock William Hall 12/13/1996 Aaron Soloman Mailable Chattanooga TN
Robert LeBron Dugan Jr. 12/13/1996 Fred Gault Mailable Harrison TN
Shawn Christopher Smith 12/13/1996 Brent Alverson Questionable Greenbriar TN
Brain Ray Hall 12/13/1996 Dan Porterfield Unmailable Broomfield CO
John Nigel Dawson 12/13/1996 Ben Burroughs Mailable Hixson TN
Joshua Brazell Voiles 12/13/1996 Robert Groves Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jeffrey Linn Parks 12/13/1996 Ed Gallucci Mailable Cleveland TN
Shawn Paul Clark 12/13/1996 Chris Silver Mailable Whitwell TN
Joshua Duncan Clark 12/13/1996 Kevin Love Mailable McMinnville TN
Roger Nathan Barton 12/13/1996 Jeremy Chambers Mailable Ringgold GA
Mark Oliver Burroughs 12/13/1996 Jason Harvey Mailable Riceville TN
Jeremy Wayne Reese 5/15/1997 Pat Henke Questionable Whitwell TN
Rickie Dwight Blevins 12/17/1997 Eric Hall Mailable Ringgold GA
Michael Anthony Carroccio 12/17/1997 Adam Miller Mailable Hixson TN
Jason David Demastus 12/17/1997 Phillip Lawson Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ben Hyder Houston II 12/17/1997 Roger Barton Mailable Surgoinsville TN
Samuel Howard N. Loggins 12/17/1997 March Solomon Mailable Belleville MI
Michael Dewayne Souther 12/17/1997 Rob Duggan Mailable Chattanooga TN
Thomas Andrew Blake 5/8/1998 Josh Voiles Mailable Chattanooga TN
Kevin DeWayne Jackson 5/8/1998 Ed Gallucci Mailable Whitwell TN
Richard Zachary Bond 12/18/1998 Roger Barton Mailable Chattanooga TN
Adam Daniel Blevins 12/18/1998 Mike Souther Mailable Ringgold GA
Sean Michael Rogers 12/18/1998 Carson Voiles Mailable Hixson TN
Cedric Duane Toliver 12/18/1998 Ben Houston Mailable Chattanooga TN
Bradford Maxwell Lumley 5/7/1999 Chris Silver Mailable Chattanooga TN
Dr. Stuart Marshall Benkert 12/18/1999 FACULTY Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Robert Christopher Chance 12/18/1999 Ed Gallucci Mailable Chattanooga TN
Aaron Nathaniel Deimling 12/18/1999 Carson Voiles Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Joshua Phillip Greene 12/18/1999 Shawn Clark Mailable Chattanooga TN
Collien Lee Hawkins 12/18/1999 Jason Demastus Mailable Ft. Stewart GA
Brendan Gabriel Lee 12/18/1999 Josh Voiles Mailable Wyoming MI
Joshua Wayne Noe 12/18/1999 Kevin Jackson Mailable Surgoinsville TN
Davis Nicholas Salt 12/18/1999 Danny Bee Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jonathan Clay Salls 12/18/1999 Sean Rogers Mailable Milan TN
William Weston Brown 5/3/2000 Josh Clark Mailable Harrison TN
Edwin Clyde Davis III 5/3/2000 Jason Demastus Mailable Chattanooga TN
Richard Kent McCaleb 5/3/2000 Chris Chance Mailable McMinnville TN
William Jerimiah Womack 5/3/2000 Josh Voiles Mailable Chattanooga TN
Robert Andrew Craven 1/14/2001 Jeremy Womack Mailable Memphis TN
Derek Bryan Daniel 1/14/2001 Richard McCaleb Mailable Chattanooga TN
Eric Shane Ellis 1/14/2001 Adam Blevins Mailable Hixson TN
James Raymond Schwab 1/14/2001 Eddie Davis Mailable Ooltewah TN
Daniel Justin Barber 5/5/2001 Chris Chance Mailable Ringgold GA
Nicholas Alfred Garofalo 5/5/2001 Eddie Davis Mailable Chattanooga TN
Dana Edwin Winningham II 5/5/2001 Shawn Clark Mailable Crossville TN
Matthew Clay Allen 12/7/2001 Sam Loggins Mailable Signal Mountain TN
Joshua David Harshman 12/7/2001 Davis Salt Mailable Rock Springs GA
Thomas Jonathan Ingle 12/7/2001 Derek Daniel Mailable Chattanooga TN
Michael Eugene Langston 12/7/2001 Josh Greene Mailable Rossville GA
Charles Jeffery Millsaps 5/4/2002 Eric Ellis Mailable Chattanooga TN
Russell McKinley White 5/4/2002 Josh Noe Mailable Hixson TN
David Matthew Blevins 12/14/2002 Nick Garofalo Mailable Chattanooga TN
Adam Ramsey Deimling 12/14/2002 James Schwab Mailable Signal Mountain TN
John Robert DeVore 12/14/2002 Daniel Barber Mailable Chattanooga TN
Christopher David Epperson 12/14/2002 Rob Craven Mailable Soddy Daisy TN
Nicholas Quinn Hartline 12/14/2002 Kevin Jackson Mailable Hixson TN
Jonathan Dudley Parke 12/14/2002 Matt Allen Mailable Chattanooga TN
Joshua Andrew Thompson 12/14/2002 Aaron Deimling Mailable Chattanooga TN
Gregory David Vaughn 12/14/2002 Danny Winningham Mailable Chattanooga TN
Corry Undre Chatman 5/9/2003 Jonathan Ingle Mailable Memphis TN
Robert Dixon Marshall 5/9/2003 Jeremy Womack Mailable Chattanooga TN
Dale Thomas McCoy 5/9/2003 Russell White Mailable Chattanooga TN
Samuel Curtis Nichols 5/9/2003 Josh Clark Mailable East Ridge TN
Richard William Goatley 12/13/2003 Michael Langston Mailable Cleveland TN
Stephon Lewis Hughley 12/13/2003 David Blevins Mailable Chattanooga TN
Roy Calvin Odom 12/13/2003 Charles Millsaps Mailable Memphis TN
Kenneth Robert Stillman 12/13/2003 Josh Voiles Mailable Ooltewah TN
Charles David Collins 5/1/2004 Dale McCoy Mailable Rossville GA
Dr. Jonathan Bullock McNair 5/1/2004 FACULTY Mailable Chattanooga TN
David Scott Wilson 5/1/2004 Robby Marshall Mailable Chattanooga TN
Thomas David Bulman 1/8/2005 John DeVore Mailable Chattanooga TN
Daniel Allen Varnell 1/8/2005 Jay Parke Mailable Chattanooga TN
Roderick LaRon Webb 1/8/2005 Nick Hartline Mailable Murfreesboro TN
Rickey Louis Dews, Jr. 4/27/2005 John DeVore Mailable Chattanooga TN
James Avi Stoloff 4/27/2005 Nick Garofalo Mailable Hixson TN
Torris Renard Seay 4/27/2005 Dale McCoy Mailable Memphis TN
Avery Ivan Wright 4/27/2005 Robby Marshall Mailable Chattanooga TN
Ryan Edwin Henderson 12/14/2005 Josh Thompson Mailable Hixson TN
David Lee Ingle 12/14/2005 Daniel Varnell Mailable East Ridge TN
Jason Samuel McCarty 12/14/2005 Charles Collins Mailable Oak Ridge TN
Corey Joseph Morris 12/14/2005 Tommy Bulman Mailable Chattanooga TN
Zackery Lawson White Slaughter 12/14/2005 Dale McCoy Mailable Rock Island TN
Reed Martin Bobo 12/11/2006 Zack Slaughter Mailable Morristown TN
Michael Corey Diamond 12/11/2006 Russell White Mailable Chattanooga TN
Jared Dylan Madewell 12/11/2006 Chris Epperson Mailable Chattanooga TN
William Robert Shacklett 12/11/2006 Jason McCarty Mailable Ashland City TN
Michael Quentin White 12/11/2006 Adam Deimling Mailable Chattanooga TN
Charles H. Lippy Spring 2007 Honorary Mailable Chattanooga TN
Vincent L Oakes Spring 2007 Honorary
Roger Andrew Fort Spring 2007 Ryan Edwin Henderson Mailable Clevland TN
Andrew Harrison Carroll Fall 2007 Thomas Edward Hayden Mailable maryville TN